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Crosstar Crusaders

This is a brief history of what the Crosstar Crusaders are and how they became.


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Emblem of the Great Crusades
The original Crosstar used by Crusaders

The Crusaders were a holy group that fought to spread the ideas of Christianity and also to stop the spread of Muslims. They were a sort of Holy Warriors.
The Crosstar is an Insignia of the National Movement. It was used to piece together two of Europes most important symbols. The Star and the Cross. They were formed into the Crosstar. This symbolizes pride and beliefs. Many other cultures and groups have adapted and changed this symbol to a more personal level. The Swastika is a variation of the Crosstar. Some of the symbols modeled after the Crosstar are the Pilgrim's Flag, the Original Colonies' Flag, the Confederate Flag, the Iron Cross, the Union Jack, the Swedish Flag, the Celtic Cross, and the Air Corps Insignia. There are many more, but these are some of the more popular ones.
This organiztion was founded on the ideas of a Crusader. We are trying to spread our beliefs to other people. And the Crosstar is a symbol that can relate to our cause. So therefore we are the Crosstar Crusaders, and proud of it!

Insignia of the National Movement
The current Crosstar used by Crusaders

Anything important aspect I missed in our history? Please tell me.