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Crosstar Crusaders
Our Purpose

This is an organization for those corageious men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture, ideals, and freedoms.


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Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organiztion is to unite the people proud of their White Heritage together. If other minority groups are allowed to do this, why can't White people? Some may find this racist, but truly it is not. Please read my document on racism before you judge me or this organiztion.

Their Purpose

Black leadership, instead of being proactive and creative, continues with the same strategies developed during the last century when most of its hopes were tied to affirmative action. Black leaders often aggressively pursue public policies that alienate whites (such as racial reparations), but do little to help those blacks most in need or to improve interracial cooperation. At a time when serious conditions in the black community cry out for sustained national attention, many clack leaders, I believe, waste a great deal of energy championing the symbolic battles - like elimination of the Confederate flag - when their energies could be channeled into much more productive effects.

Membership Organization * Vancouver, WA * Centralized in the Dell at Columbia River High School